Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is Here!

Yay! Springtime in Bloomington has officially arrived! It is an amazing town in the Spring - it just looks so beautiful after a long winter. It's kinda funny. As soon as the temperature hits 50 degrees for a couple days in a row, all the IU students are out on their lawn playing corn hole, frisbee, football, among other things.

Today is a really sunny and warm day. I am working in the library for a while so I am not getting to enjoy it, but I get done at 2pm. The semester is starting to come to a close but that means it's about to be crunch time.

Next week I have to give a presentation on my economic thesis paper on health care. Then, not long after that, I have to turn in the 25 page thing. It's 60% of my grade. I keep having nightmares about doing terrible on it and then not being able to graduate. I don't think that's likely, but it's a legitimate concern in my dreams haha.

This weekend is one of the few all school year when Bloomington is actually a little less crowded than usual. It's Easter weekend, so a lot of students go home to celebrate with family. I don't go home because it's an exhausting 9 hour drive to Atlanta... but my close friends are mostly staying!

Looking forward to a relaxing, yet productive, weekend!

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