Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is Here!

Yay! Springtime in Bloomington has officially arrived! It is an amazing town in the Spring - it just looks so beautiful after a long winter. It's kinda funny. As soon as the temperature hits 50 degrees for a couple days in a row, all the IU students are out on their lawn playing corn hole, frisbee, football, among other things.

Today is a really sunny and warm day. I am working in the library for a while so I am not getting to enjoy it, but I get done at 2pm. The semester is starting to come to a close but that means it's about to be crunch time.

Next week I have to give a presentation on my economic thesis paper on health care. Then, not long after that, I have to turn in the 25 page thing. It's 60% of my grade. I keep having nightmares about doing terrible on it and then not being able to graduate. I don't think that's likely, but it's a legitimate concern in my dreams haha.

This weekend is one of the few all school year when Bloomington is actually a little less crowded than usual. It's Easter weekend, so a lot of students go home to celebrate with family. I don't go home because it's an exhausting 9 hour drive to Atlanta... but my close friends are mostly staying!

Looking forward to a relaxing, yet productive, weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winding Down!

It has been a while since I last posted, but only since the last month has been jam-packed with papers it seems. Spring Break just ended... which means we only have a month and a half left of school... which means I am graduating VERY soon.

Quick update on Spring Break: I went to Myrtle Beach, SC with a dear friend. The weather was great - 70 degrees and clear skies! So we layed on the beach for a day and got a little bit tan. We also hit up mini gold of course. How can you not do that when you are at the beach?

Now that I am back from Spring Break I realize my undergraduate career is almost over. Here are the things I am going to miss most about IU:

1) The connections I've made with people in the business school. I feel like I have started to build a strong networking of intelligent, cool individuals. I am going to miss them a lot! Since I am moving to Atlanta it will be a while since I see them again. If I do!

2) Women in Business. I have enjoyed emerging as a leader in the organization and mentoring younger students. My best friends have been members of WIB, and I will miss having a constant network of awesome people around me all the time.

3) Bloomington restaurants! I am trying to make sure I hit all my favorite places before I leave. Penn Station (though a chain, it is not in ATL), Mother Bear's, Laughing Planet, Bucceto's, YOGI'S, Upland, and many, many others will be very dearly missed.

4) Research. I have enjoyed to economic research in my major classes, and I know I won't be able to do as much in the corporate world where I can get feedback from well-known economists.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Women in Business Conference 2010

The Women in Business Conference this weekend was amazing! Our speakers were really high quality this year and I learned something from every single presentation.

I found the diversity panel especially interesting. We had company representatives come in from Ernst & Young and Cummins to discuss the meaning of diversity in their company and in the broader workplace. It is a topic that is always interesting to me and it was cool to see their take on it.

The keynote speaker, Valerie Grubb, unfortunately was snowed in in New York with several feet of snow. Luckily enough we had another superstar speaker step up to take the spotlight. Author of the book "Lessons from the Trenches" Erin Wolf talked to our group about what it meant to be a woman in business in the changing workplace. I actually got to sit by her at lunch - I got a signed copy of her book!

Erin also had a connection with one of the group Presidents of the company I am going to be working for in May - Newell Rubbermaid. She gave me her contact information and a way to begin a connection with this senior leader - talk about networking!

This week school work is going to pick up a bit. I have to write 5 papers and take an Astronomy midterm on Thursday... next update will probably come next week!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

So I am working in the library today and it is pretty deserted. I work in the computer labs all over campus, but the library is usually the busiest. It was weird walking to work today - roads and sidewalks were completely empty. Typical Sunday morning before noon in Bloomington.

Everyone was out of town this weekend! Both of my roommates were out of town so I had the house to myself for the whole weekend. Weird. I would like to say I got a ton of homework and reading done, but somehow not having any distractions was REALLY distracting.haha

My classes are going well so far this semester. On Thursday my creative writing class read my short story. The reviews were mostly positive, though there were some holes left in my story that I could not see while writing it. It was really complicated.. next time I will try to make my story a little more understandable.

This semester has been unlike any other, in that I only have ONE class with a group project! Our project is due in a couple weeks, but as far as I know that is all I have to do with a group this semester. It is amazing to realize how much time group work can take up.

Next weekend is the annual Women in Business conference! Our club has been working on it all year and we are going to have some amazing speakers. Valerie Grubbs, former COO of the Oxygen Network, will be our keynote speaker. Get the application online if you're interested:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I am working on making the "semi-ultimate" cheesecake for my boyfriend today. I can safely type this on my blog because I know he does not read it ;). Anyway, our plans tonight are dinner at La Dolce Vita and maybe the movie Valentine's Day.

Everyone is so obsessed with this movie - by 4pm on Friday all the showings for the night were sold out. We are buying our tickets in advance for today.

There is another winter storm watch in effect for tonight! Yet again, 5 to 7 inches of snow is expected in some areas of southern Indiana. Regardless, we are not going to get out of school and it is going to be terrible to have to walk to work in the snow :(. Only a few more months until summer though!

This weekend has been really fun. Last night I went to see the Raas Royalty dance competition in the IU Auditorium with some friends from WIB (Women in Business). Schools from all over the country were there competing in Indian dance. The costumes were amazing, the music was good, so it was an entertaining night.

I will write again next week with how my V-day went!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This was the weekend of the big blizzard! It actually was not too terrible. It snowed maybe 5 inches over night, but the city had everything cleared off the roads by this morning. Last night was NOT fun though. I was driving my car that is not made for snow and I got stuck going up hill. My car would not budge. Some guy ended up running up to my car and trying to push, but to no avail. I eventually made it to eh parking garage and left it there over night for fear that I would perish on the icy roads driving that thing.

Anyway, the storm is mostly over now so I am sitting in my house today with the goal of finishing two papers that are due on Tuesday. Right now I am working on my creative writing short story. I am not that creative - sorry to everyone that has to read it...

Last night I went to the Opera! It was Lucia de Lammermoor and all I have to say is the lead soprano was one of the best I have heard at IU thus far. I have been to several operas here, but she was just amazing. Going to the opera is sometimes an awkward experience though, because I always have to go by myself. I go to watch my boyfriend mainly because he plays in the orchestra, but no one will ever bring themselves to go with me, haha. Last night I got lucky though - I randomly saw my friends during the intermission and we ended up sitting together - much better.

In other news - I found out bad news about graduation this week. I found out I am 3 credits away from graduating in May. Big shock - it happened because my creative writing class, which counts for my English minor, does not count as an A&H distribution. I appealed it to the school and should hear something next week. Regardless, I signed up for a second eight week class that will count - so my bases are covered and I WILL graduate in May. yay.

Will post again soon. Gooo COLTS! Superbowl party tomorrow should be fun!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The weather...

..And the forecast is unbearably cold followed by more miserable weather. Spring break cannot come soon enough.

The good news is I will be living pretty permanently in Atlanta in a few months! When there is any thought that there MIGHT be snow, schools close. Businesses stop working. Churches stop congregating. The city stops - and the next day the snow does not even come. It's great.

Down side: living in Atlanta means not living in Bloomington. where your friends are always a five minute walk away and there is ALWAYS something fun and exciting to do. The city will be a different story.

In other news, I do have to write a 10 page story within the next week for my creative writing class and I have no ideas in mind. We have to focus on "character development." I can write all you want about a journey to the center of the earth or something more original, but writing this kind of fiction is HARD to make up. I have one idea concerning a political activist that is not living true to her own values (what else is new about politicians?). But I was thinking about using my summer at Parliament for some of the material. For example, I can make the setting London since I am pretty familiar with the geography.

This weekend - no exciting plans so far other than a LOT of reading and writing. The last couple weekends have been pretty busy so I may take it easy.

Tomorrow I have to participate in what they in the Kelley school call K-Lead. Since I am in the honors management class, I get to judge all the students in the regular classes as they present me with an idea to make our "company" better.

I am not getting off that easy though - I do have to be available tomorrow for 3 hours and write a paper on the students' communication styles. Should be interesting.